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Day 1: Workshop & Network Dinner


ِِClients scheduled to arrive around 02:20 pm, to take a private ride to the hotel for check in. At 05:30 pm a 2 hour workshop is schedule. Clients will then have 30 minutes to refresh for a networking dinner schedules at 8:00 in the hotel main restaurant.  


Day 2: Setting The Vision

Guided Tours and Sightseeing of Mahe & Praslin Tour

You will cherish your stay in Seychelles with this tour that will enable you to capture every glistering detail of the Islands.
A one-stop destination guide with personalized car tour around the two main Islands of Seychelles, (Mahe and Praslin). You will discover every part of Seychelles, exploring the history and heritage of the first settlers and admiring the natural surrounding beauties with its fresh, cooling mountain breeze streaming through your face. The tours includes tour of Victoria City (Capital of Seychelles Islands), market place and national historical sites. Visit to Mission Lodge, Tea factory, Spice Garden, Must see Beaches, Exclusive View and Eden Island. Clients get 45 minutes to relax/ swim on any beach of their choice.

Day 3: Preparing The Plan

On this day clients get to experience the uniqueness of the iseland select any of the available hotel facilities or available excrusions. For other activities / excursion booking, please refer to the attached priced table.

Coaching sessions will be based on appointment scheduling.


Day 4: Going Through The Journey

Mountain Trail Hiking
Hiking through Seychelles Mountains you can glimpse the wildest of wildlife and more of the breathtaking views for which Seychelles is famous for. This tour is for the wild and adventurous one. We cater for those who like the hillside of our tropical island. The beaches are not the only beauty offered. The green pastures of Mahe are also a beauty for those who prefer the wilds. The trail included in this package is Morne Blanc for 1hr 30mins one-way. The trail leads to a platform perched atop the sheer cliff of Morne Blanc, with spectacular panoramic views and from which you can see tropicbirds swirling above and below you. Mountain forest areas such as these are common homes for many of Seychelles’ endemic birds, such as the Seychelles bulbul, the Seychelles swiftlet, and the Seychelles sunbird. You may also be able to hear the surprisingly loud calls of the world’s smallest frog, which is endemic to Seychelles, at 1 cm in length, finding one will prove much more difficult. Coaching sessions will be based on appointment scheduling.


Day 5: Reflecting On The Experience

If you would like try some water sports in the Seychelles, then you will be happy to know there is plenty on offer - it should be noted that fishing and water-skiing are forbidden in the St Anne Marine National Park. Please refer to the attached table at the end for price listing.

Coaching sessions will be based on appointment scheduling.


Day 6: Relax

Marine Park Boat Excursion

You get to enjoy the captivating underwater beauty and their surroundings. We have organized the perfect excursion for those who would like a taste of a day snorkeling, fish feeding, visit to nearby Island and relaxing. As you glide effortlessly among colorful fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and colorful coral formations. Seychelles Marine Park unravels the natural fascinating blue ocean whilst you sit back in comfort and awe. The excursion is inclusive of snorkeling gear, soft drinks and Marine Park fee. Pick up will be at 09:00hrs to the jetty. The day will start with snorkeling in St Anne Marine Park-(Roughly 20 minutes from Mahé by slow boat, this Marine National Park has one of the largest areas of sea grass of the granitic islands where green and hawksbill turtles are often found. Bottlenose Dolphins also frequent the park. Ste. Anne Island was the location of Seychelles’ first settlement in 1770, away from the once crocodile-infested swamps on Mahé. Once a whaling station, during the Second World War Ste. Anne was also a base for the Royal Marines defending Victoria Harbor. The excursion will follow by lunch/BBQ on Moyenne Island- (a small island 0.099km2 or 0.038 sq m) in the St Anne National Marine Park off the north coast of Mahe Seychelles. Since the 1970s it has been a flora and fauna reserve. From 1915 until the 1970s, the island was abandoned until its purchase by Brendon Grimshaw, a former newspaper editor; originally from Dewsbury in Yorkshire, England. Grimshaw was the only inhabitant of the island until his death in July 2012). After lunch, enjoy the cruise back where you started. If time permitting you are free to snorkel a bit more as we return to base. Coaching sessions will be based on appointment scheduling.


Day 6: Departure

Client will depart depending on flight schedule

Coaching Packages

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