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Day 1: Arrival and Checking into the Crowne Plaza World Trade Center and meeting for dinner

Upon arrival clients will be driven 24.1 Km to check into the Crown Plaza Hotel.

Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre is located 3.9 km from Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, and 4 km from GUM Shopping Center, features a restaurant and free WiFi throughout the property. It is also 9.7 km from All Russian Exhibition Center.

Clients to gather at hotel lobby at 7:30 pm for dinner.

Dinner reservations made at an Italian restaurant, Donna Margarita which is 0.1 mile by walking.


Day 2: Red Square Tour

At 9am clients will leave for a 4 hour walking guided tour, with a guide to the Red Square.  The Red Square, one of Russia’s most famous landmark, is of 73,000 square meters. It is surrounded by the Kremlin Walls, Lenin’s Tomb, St Basil’s Cathedral, GUM superstore and the Russian State Historical Museum (museum entry on 3rd day). Originally a commercial center, it has been at the very center of Russian history since the 15th century, from Ivan the Terrible’s confession of his misdeeds to the

Lunch is booked at the La Bottega Siciliana

people in 1550, to great demonstrations, executions and the great parades of the Soviet Union’s military might.

The group will make their way back to the hotel around 2pm with a fully developed picture of the Red Square.

Coaching Sessions will be conducted from 5 to 7 pm.

Dinner reservations are made for 8pm at the White Rabbit Restaurant, clients to meet at the hotel lobby 7:30 pm dressed formally. It’s about 7 minutes’ drive.


Day 3:  Russian State Historical Museum

Clients will gather at hotel at 9:00 am, to walk to the Russian State Historical Museum which just less than 5 km away.

At 2:00 pm clients will gather at the museum entrance to return to the hotel.

Lunch is booked at Café Pushkin.

Clients may either choose coaching session and / or visit GUM superstore.

Dinner is booked at Restaurant Quadrum

Day 4:  Departing Moscow to Sochi

Departing on 2hour 25-minute flight to Sochi.

Clients will check into the Rodina Grand Hotel upon arrival.

Lunch is booked at Chaykhana Torne.

Clients may choose coaching sessions by appointment.

Clients will gather at the hotel lobby at 7:00pm for Dinner at the Light House Restaurant


Day 5: Private City & Boat Tour Around Sochi

The day will start at 8:30 am to enjoy a wonderful tour around Sochi while walking to the sea port! You will feel the positive relaxing atmosphere of the southern town while walking along the streets, with all the huge palm-trees and cypresses, and cafes and. You will go sailing on a snow-white boat. You will take a funicular up to 557 feet above the sea level and see a unique collection of trees, bushes and flowers in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world.

You can enjoy local specialties at one of the best restaurants of the city. Our guide will help you make the right choice.

The tour duration is about 6 hours and will end back at the hotel around 5 pm.

Dinner is booked at Damasks.

Day 6:  Crab Gorge

Departure from the hotel will be at 8:00 am to the Crab Gorge is located little less than 70 km north of Sochi. You can take a wonderful walk in Crab gorge in Lazarevskoe surroundings. It’s named after the freshwater crabs inhabiting local mountain stream. This indicates the purity of water and good ecology. The drive will end at Calarash street in village of Lazarevskoye. Our guide will point and show you the beginning of the trail which is equipped with signs and markings. The length of the route in Crab gorge is a little longer than 1 km in one direction. The well-groomed forest path and wonderful views on the way makes your journey unforgettable.

In Crab gorge you can see Mermaids font and Adam font, Karst canyon and Canyon of desires. You can find the main local wonder – 10-meter deep Crab canyon – at the end of the path. The stream turns into a cascade of small waterfalls and water bowls there where you can swim.

Dinner is booked at Sea Zone Restaurant.


Day 7: Learn about the Caucasian and Russian Cuisine

The cuisine in Sochi is an enticing amalgam of the national dishes of the Caucasian republics as well as of the neighboring countries Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Fresh vegetables, greens, homemade cheese, and bread are indispensable components of any Caucasian feast. You can also try Russian cuisine of find luxury delicacies such as caviar or starlet fish soup and help yourself with everyday Russian food like beetroot soup borsch, Russian salad or Pelmeni, bliny, yeast cakes, and pies.

The tour will start by visiting tea plantations and Russian tea drinking ceremony. The history of Russian samovar. You will have a chance to taste the northernmost tea in the world (Tea drinking is 350 500 Rubles per person), while seeing Russian traditional handicrafts and applied arts. National songs performances are also available by local folk group.

The second visit made will be to the Retro cars museum, old timers from around the world located near tea plantations followed by Sochi Marketplace where you will have the chance to purchase Local spices, Caucasian desserts, homemade cheese, etc.

A lunch stop is made at a local ethnic Cafe Gnezdo Sovy.

The duration of this trip is about 7 hours.

Dinner is booked at Black Sea Beach Club.


Day 8: Sky Park + Trout Farm + Glass-blower Show

This is a unique tour at high height, breath-taking panoramic view, that you will never forget! The day starts with first visiting the Sky Park. 

A spectacular walk on the world's longest sky bridge of 439 m length and enjoy magnificent views on the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast! The bravest client can even go bangy jumping from a height of 207 meters or a height of 69 meters.

The day starts with first visiting the Sky Park. A spectacular walk on the world's longest sky bridge of 439 m length and enjoy magnificent views on the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast! The bravest client can even go bangy jumping from a height of 207 meters or a height of 69 meters. After this thrilling adventure, it's the time to catch your breath and visit the Trout Farm in Adler, the largest farm for breeding and growing trout in Russia. You will learn all about trout farming, watch and feed the fish, enjoy the freshest trout, and even go fishing if you desire!

The tour will end at the Art Glass Studio. You have a chance to become familiar with the process of making works from glass by watching the glass-blower show and have a chance to buy glass souvenirs dedicated to Sochi! (the trip includes entrance tickets to Sky Park, Trout Farm and Art glass studio
,Glass Blower Show, and visiting of tasting room at the Trout Farm).

Dinner is booked at Chaykhona Number 1.

Day 9:  Departing Sochi to Saint Petersburg

Clients depart on a flight to Saint Petersburg, arriving.

Clients will check into the Four Seasons Hotel.

Lunch is booked at Russkaya Rybalka Restaurant.

Clients may choose coaching sessions by appointment.

Clients will gather at the hotel lobby for early dinner at 7:00pm at Tandoor.


Day 10: Grand Tour of St. Petersburg

Your day begins with an enthralling walking tour of the center of this beautiful city designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit iconic landmarks including the neo-classical St. Isaac's Cathedral, and oldest construction in the city—the Peter and Paul Fortress. Stand in the center of Palace Square and take in the classical beauty of the enormous Winter Palace before heading to the baroque-style Stroganov Palace to see the waxwork exhibition.

After a traditional Russian lunch, enjoy a 2-hour guided tour of Russia's largest museum, the State Hermitage Museum. It is commonly stated that because the museum houses an incredible 2.7 million pieces in its collection, if you spent just 1 minute with each piece, seeing everything would take 11 years. Browse this vast collection, discovering masterpieces by da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Rembrandt. This is an 8-hour tour.

Dinner is booked at the 6th Floor Summer Terrace.


Day 11: Tour of Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Pickup is at 9am, to you follow your guide, marvel at the towering façade, onion domes, and beautiful mosaics of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. At the church and you will listen to insightful commentary from your guide as you explore the church. Built in the 1880s by order of Alexander III, it was designed as a memorial to his father, Alexander II, killed in an attack at the location where the building stands today.

Its towering silhouette along the Griboedov Canal is undoubtedly one of the iconic symbols of the city. Built in the medieval Russian style in the spirit of romantic nationalism and   influenced by churches of the Yaroslavl region and Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood looks very different from the rest of the churches in St. Petersburg.

Lunch is booked at Ship Restaurant.

After lunch clients are free to either set their booked coaching session or go shopping at their own leisure.

Dinner is booked at Umao.


Day 12: Catherine Palace + Pavlovsk Great Palace + Park Tour

Head to the small city of Pushkin to admire Catherine Palace, named after Peter the Great’s wife, Catherine I, and one of the most beautiful residences of the tsars. Just 18 miles (30 km) from St. Petersburg.

Tsarskoye Selo—meaning "Village of the Tsars”. The magnificent Catherine Palace—built in the 17th century and designed by famed Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Spanning the reigns of 5 tsars, the palace was later altered based on what was in vogue—from rococo to neoclassic.

You will be able to see the large ballroom, the Grand Hall or Hall of Paintings, and the Amber Room, covered with Baltic amber from floor to ceiling and kept from the public for almost 100 years. Walk among birch trees, firs, lakes, bridges, sculptures, and pavilions in the neighboring park, a subject of many poets and artists.

Next, you will enjoy Russian dishes in the traditional restaurant for lunch and head to Pavlovsk.

Pavlovsk Palace, a gift from Catherine the Great to her son Pavel, the future Tsar Paul I. As you explore the palace, gaze at refined salons, Carrara marble fireplaces, and a vast collection of porcelain, paintings, and ivory articles. Then explore its 1,482-acre (600-ha) park, a game reserve for the tsar and considered a masterpiece of European landscape architecture. This is a full day tour.

Dinner is booked at Restaurant Dolma.


Day 13: Live Performance of Russian Folk Dances & Music

Client have the day to themselves to sit their scheduled coaching session or go shopping until 5:00 pm.

Lunch booked at Market Place.

This tour operates at 6pm.

Clients will take in a beautiful, fiery, and emotional performance at one of the city's palaces to get a sense of the rich blend of ethnicities and cultures in Russia, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific. The irresistible charm and vibrant costumes of the dancers gives you a look inside the Slavic soul.

You will enjoy a dinner at a different venue. Depending on availability, dine at a restaurant such as Demidov, Na Zdorovie, or Podvorie. Savor hot and cold starters, an entrée, and dessert (Dinner duration is 1 hour 30minutes).


Day 14: Depart Saint Petersburg 

Clients will check out and depart according to flight schedule.

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